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Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing

square pastoralPastoral Care is the care exercised for the ‘whole person’ i.e. for the individual’s spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and psychological wellbeing. It originates in profound respect for the dignity of the individual person and is prompted by the imperatives of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because it is central to the whole purpose of Catholic Education, Pastoral Care is :

  • to permeate all activities of the school
  • to be the basis for the commitment to partnership and shared responsibility amongst priests, staff, students, parents and other family members to develop the whole person and enhance the whole school community
  • to be reciprocal, moving not only from teacher to students and parents but also from student to student, parent to teacher, student to teacher, teacher to teacher and parent to parent

At St Justin’s Pastoral Care is expressed through:

  • the development of quality relationships
  • provision for satisfying learning experiences
  • establishment of an effective care network

During 2012 and 2013 the school community worked to develop a Pastoral Care and Wellbeing policy. This policy is linked to our School Review and Improvement Plan and is constantly being reviewed and refined.