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When to Enrol

square enrol2Enrolments are accepted all year round but the best time to enrol your child into Primary School is in Term 1 – the year before your child is due to commence school.

Enrolment packs can be collected from the office. Alternatively, you can download an enrolment form below.

All correspondence can be emailed to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The following documents are required with the enrolment form:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Baptism Certificate
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Child’s Photo
  • Copy of Residential Identification
  • Copy of Student Visa (If applicable)
  • Copy of Special Needs supporting documentation (if applicable)
  • Copy of Family Court Orders/Family Plan (if applicable)

Enrolment Time Line

Term 1

Distribution of enrolment applications by the school
Enrolment applications completed and returned to the school
Commence assessment for students with special needs

Term 2

Enrolment Interviews
Enrolment advise letter and offer of a place if successful (Week 9)
Parents can seek a review

Term 4

Orientation for new Kindergarten Students

Please download and include with your enrolment application, the Family Profile form, and read the letter from Father David and our Principal Mr Devine for additional information regarding enrolments.

CEDoW Enrolment Form, Policies and Procedures

Important notice from Fr David & Mr Devine regarding the Family Profile Form for Kinder

Family Profile Sheet (MM Parish - for Kinder 2023)

More information about Fees on the CEO website